Our Story

Once upon a time…that’s how any good story starts I think. It’s a love story and adventure in one. It actually all started many moons ago with my parents. Mountain enthusiasts and frustratingly good skiers, Christian and Manal, settled in a little village high up in the Austrian mountains, Hinterthal. Love at first sight. Throughout my childhood, I grew up with horse sleighs, lederhosen, blueberries and cosy alm huts. I am blessed to have opened a new chapter in this fairy-tale by also sharing this with my Scandinavian husband Ulrik and our young troublemakers, Nikolaj and Theodor. The kids aptly baptised their chalet, Chalet Nikodor,  where traditional Austria meets contemporary London – it’s a place to love, to celebrate, to relax and to be.
We welcome you to join our Chalet Nikodor love story for even more chapters…

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Our stay was amazing. The chalet was way more than we expected and more than met our needs.”
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